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Things to do

Relax or go for a drive and expolore

When people ask what they should do while visiting, our go to response is: Nothing. 


no thing; not anything; naught

So what are some examples of "nothing"? Our favourites include; watching where the treetops meet the sky, looking for wallabies, meandering around the dams, listening to a podcast with a cuppa in hand, reconnecting through conversations, watching the fire, listening to some music with a Farmers Wife Gin. You get the gist.

Check out a few of our favourite links below, you can go for a drive and explore some amazing locals :)

If you are looking for adventure, we are not really your place.

If you want to unwind and re-energise, then you need to get to the farm asap.

What's around?

Koffee Run on Buckets Way in Booral - 15 mins drive

Limestone Permaculture at 846 The Bucketts Way, Stroud Road - 35 mins drive

Stroud Town - 30 mins drive

Myall Lakes National Park - 35 mins drive

Gloucester Falls walking track, Barrington Tops National Park - 65 mins drive

Chickens on Pasture Meandering Farm.jpeg
Gold Cards
Camp Fire Marshmallows
Meandering Farm surrounds Winter
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