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Welcome to Meandering Farm

Meandering Farm believes in regenerative agriculture principles that enhance our ecosystems through biodiversity. 

Our purpose is to create thriving soil health across our 100 acres, resulting in nutrient dense edibles for animals and humans.

We grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Our feathered friends produce the yummiest eggs which come in a range of shell colours.

Soon we plan to add pigs and goats. All are part of the plan to manage the land, leaving it even healthier than we found it.

Meandering Farm is located in Girvan, blink and you miss it, on the Mid Coast, NSW. 


We are an hours drive from Newcastle and 2.5 hours from Sydney. Check out our contact us page to see where we are on a map!

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We are inspired by regenerative agriculture principles to optimise the soil health of our 100 acres.

We aim to increase carbon

and water storage in our

soil to improve our growing and living conditions to it's optimal state.


Stay a night or a week in

Olen Cabin, our converted hay shed.

Olen is your own little world of relaxation. A super comfy bed with views out the window across the paddock.. Read a book or play cards in the lounge or on the deck.

Horse AGistment

Our property offers a natural alternative for horse spelling, resting and agisting. All paddocks are chemical free with vast open and shaded areas for grazing, rolling and enjoying.

We offer daily observations, easy access for vet and dentistry services, regular paddock rotation, herd style agistment for $30 per week.


Additional services such as rugging and feeding available on request. If you want to know more about short or long term stays reach out.

Meandering Farm Horse Agistment 2022.jpeg

about us

Laura and Brooke bought Meandering Farm in Girvan NSW in 2018. "We both needed to escape the rat race, we felt we needed space and air around us to process life to date" they say with a laugh. "We believed that we would find the right place and be good custodians of the land. We could then live our dream life and share it with family and friends. Nothing better than seeing people experience the chill of the farm, eating great produce,

sitting in nature".

Laura and Brooke don't claim to be old hands at farming, they are on a steep learning curve which they find daunting and exciting at the same time.


"Every day this place blows our minds,

it's exactly the canvas we were looking

for to get our own hands dirty and applying regen agriculture principles

that can create a better balance

in the world."...

“Land is not merely soil, it is a fountain of energy flowing through a circuit of soils, plants and animals.”  

Aldo Leopold, Author, philosopher, scientist and conservationist

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